Apply for a Mastectomy Tattoo Grant

Art from Scars ("AFS") seeks to aid people needing assistance with their post-mastectomy tattoo needs after breast cancer treatment. AFS is committed to providing financial support to those that cannot afford mastectomy or nipple tattoos.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are selected as a grant recipient, we ask that you agree to supply us with a testimonial of the experience with photos and/or video. You will also be asked to complete & sign a copy of our Release Form which will be e-mailed to you separately upon your acceptance.

DISCLAIMERS: AFS does not endorse any particular medical procedure, provider and/or tattoo artists. If you qualify for a grant, you will be wholly responsible for securing the tattoo procedure through your chosen service provider. AFS is not responsible for any work performed by third party tattoo artists or medical providers.

AFS does not share any information on any applicants and will hold your personal information contained within this application private.


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