"Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act becomes a ripple with no logical end." -Scott Adams

Thanks to the generosity of the following individuals, the spark of an idea of Art from Scars became a beautiful reality.

Michelle Umphreys in memory of Ellen

Heidi Giusto

Suzann Lankford

Tricia Brandenburg

Anonymous in memory of Jody Harlor

Anna Aleksandrowicz in memory of Malca Kroll Aleksandrowicz

Nicole Evans

Preeti Waas

Tracy Squatrito

Pam Meliso

Pamela Jones

Joanne Quinn Owens

Anonymous in memory of Linda Marie Blubaugh

Jennifer Stutz in honor of Patricia Hartigan

Petrina Cole

Anne-Marie Kaden in honor of Jane Baggett, Mary C. Katschke, Maggie Tice & Glyn Cotton

Kristen Wyatt in memory of Cheryl Wachlarz

Kathy Smith

Angela Cooper in memory of Kristy Tibbetts

Jasmin Afanador in memory of Roberta Faulk

Julie Lowe

Julie Booth in memory of Douglas Booth

Susan Cope in honor of Diana Naylor

Anonymous in honor of Wendy Fawcett

Kristen Boone

Sanna Meyers in honor of Debbie Meyers

Kim Ribicki in honor of Patricia Brendel Garcia

Anonymous in honor of Jan Palmer

Theresa Hart

Karen Baker in honor of Shirley Bristow

Sabrina Duffy

Coleen Andera in memory of Janice Way

Marina Patelos

Keith Sowa

Lindsay Day

Tracy Shamray

Sharon Lange

Ann Halpin in memory of Carmelina Donzelli

Lisa Brockert

Shannon Thielman

Jennifer Mayfield

Jacquelyn Mendelsohn in honor of Linda Leavelle

John Cole

Nicole Plascencia in honor of Tod Johnston

Jennifer Sorna

Vicky Hill

Heidi Walsh in memory of Marit Breistein Later

Gail Yeats in memory of Jean Yeats

Anonymous in memory of Katie Hipkins, Kristie Walker & Teresa Mieczkowski

Neil Amato

Juliette Gottlieb in honor of Theresa Santos

Jennifer Versak in memory of Mary Kay Kennedy and Jim Varsak

Sue Jones in memory of John & Edie Meyer

Jody Polidori

Cindy Innella

Susan Duberstein in memory of Nina Ellen Riggs

Caileigh O’Connell

Jessica DeJohn Barbuto in memory of Darlene LaPorte

Tamara Melman

Marcella Minorini

Meredythe Marcotte

Lynn Macbeth in memory of Ann Marie Myers

Kelly Boss

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